Gamify Me! Driving SkyLedger Ecosystem Growth with Gambling Partners


ShellPay will spend 27th November to 1st December at the SiGMA conference in Malta that focuses on technology and the gaming/gambling industry. Since the inception of blockchain as big business, a lot of growth has been driven by the gambling industry and gambling is one of few industries contributing real user growth to the crypto economy through functioning applications. Malta is a huge hub for the gambling industry and with its regulations supporting both blockchain and gambling, it is the perfect place to increase the pervasiveness of the SkyLedger ecosystem.


Blockchain in casinos


Trust is a major issue in the gambling industry and blockchain can solve this exact problem. This means that using blockchain as a record of transactions in a digital casino allows for complete transparency. Payouts and results are often concealed or unclear and with blockchain databases and smart contracts, there can be no mishandling of the terms of the games. Additionally, a well distributed blockchain allows a very secure network that will never go down resulting in no losses on both the gamer side and the casino side.


SkyLedger, gaming and the ShellPay vision


The aim of ShellPay with the SkyLedger ecosystem is to make the network as decentralized as possible. One of the ways ShellPay is doing this is through their SkyBox01 node which can be purchased by anyone around the world. ShellPay can sell gaming providers SkyBox01 nodes that they can use to run their own private gaming network. The transaction records will sit safely within these nodes and there can be no problems with payouts and winnings with the entire system completely out of reach of bad actions.


Gaming providers can use these SkyBox01 to not only run their own private casinos but also open up a few of the 5 nodes on the box to other ShellPay ecosystem coins like Shellcoin which will make the network for these coins more stable with greater decentralization. In this way, not only will private gaming providers become less dependent on the big companies, but they can also earn from the ShellPay ecosystem while helping its integrity.

Ultimately, the goal is to make all SkyLedger coin blockchains as decentralized as possible and for that people need to be running nodes all around the world. If ShellPay can offer different industries different incentives outside running and earning the nodes, then adoption will become more attractive and the nodes on the system will multiply as more and more people adopt SkyLedger.


So, ShellPay is targeting all industries and offering applications specific to each. For property, BRIKCOIN is already up and running that supports funding for property projects. They will host their coins on the SkyBox01 and now the gambling industry will start to build their own coins on the system and integrate into the box.